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Academic Policies at Western Baptist Bible College

Academic Policies

Registration Procedures

Registration dates for each semester may be found in the college calendar. All students shall report to the Registrar's Office during the scheduled time to be properly registered. No students will be admitted to class until their registrations are completed.

A late registration fee is charged ($5) for all students who do not register during the regularly scheduled period. After the time allotted for late registration has expired, students may not register for CHANGE OF SCHEDULE–If the student wishes to make a change in classes, they may do so only if they have the written consent of the Dean, the Department Chairman, and the Class Instructor.

All changes must be made through the Registrar's Office, and proper forms must be completed and signed. No courses may be added for credit after one week of class instruction. Students wishing to change their major must receive the written consent of the Dean and the Department Chairman of the department he wishes to major under.


1. WITHDRAWAL FROM A COURSE: A student who wishes to withdraw from a course

2. Must first receive written permission from the Dean, Department Chairman, and the Instructor

3. Concerned; otherwise, he will be given an "F". A student who withdraws according to proper

4. Procedure during the first four weeks of the semester will be given a "W" in the course from

5. Which he withdraws. After four weeks, "WDP" will be given if he withdraws failing during the

6. First nine weeks of the semester, after which an "F" is given to all students who have withdrawn

7. WITHDRAWAL FROM SCHOOL: If a student wishes to withdraw from school, he must

8. Secure the proper withdrawal form from the Dean, complete it, and then consult with the

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Credit Hours and Class Meetings

For each hour of credit per course, classes for that course usually meet at least that number of hours per week. (In some classes, the hours per week exceed the credit hours given). For each credit hour of any course, the student is expected to devote himself to work for at least two hours each week, excluding the regular class period, in study and preparation for the course. For example, a student taking a three-hour course should study at least six hours per week beyond the class periods in preparation for the course.

Grading System

The standard of work done by the students of Western Baptist Bible College will be graded

A – (90 – 100) – Excellent or outstanding work 4 points
B – (80 – 89) – B Good or above average 3 points
D – (60 – 69) – B Below average but passing 1 point
F – (00 – 59) – Failure – Minus 1 negative pt.

Incomplete graded (I) must be removed before the end of the next semester in which the student enrolls after receiving the "I" or the incomplete automatically becomes "F". If the student transfers to another school before removing the "I", or if the student does not re-enter Western within two semesters after the "I" is received, the grade automatically becomes "F". Incompletes are given only to students doing passing work in a course, but because of approved reasons could not complete the assigned work or examinations during the regular schedule period.

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Honor Roll

The Dean's List is composed of students who maintain an average of "A" in a minimum of 9 hours of work in a given semester and who are taking at least 15 hours with no grade falling below a "B". The Honor Roll is composed of students who maintain a "B" average in a

Academic Failure and Hour Load

Failure in Courses: The lowest possible passing grade is "D". Students must earn passing grades in all required subjects before they are eligible for graduation. All students must maintain a general average of at least "C" and have as many grade points as semester hours, in order to Students, who fail in more than 1/3 of the total hours they are carrying in any semester, will automatically be placed on probation the following semester. If he does not improve his scholarship in the next semester, he will be dropped from the Institution for poor scholarship.

Students, who are dropped for poor scholarships, will have to apply for re-admission before they may register for a subsequent semester. At least one full semester must elapse before his re-entrance application will be considered. Students, who are dropped for the second time for poor scholarship, must permanently withdraw from the college. Hour Load: An average of 15 to 17 hours a week is the normal load for each student. No student will be permitted to take more than 15 hours who has not maintained a satisfactory record during the previous semester. No student will be allowed to take more than 17 hours unless he has an average of "B" and above; the maximum load permitted is 19 hours. The college reserves the right to reduce the number of hours carried by a student who has not maintained a satisfactory scholastic level for the previous. The college reserves the right to limit the academic load of any student whose number of employment hours per week are of such a proportion as to seriously handicap his scholastic.

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Classification of Students

FIRST YEAR (Freshman) (0 to 31 semester hours)
SECOND YEAR (Sophomore) (32 to 64 semester hours)
THIRD YEAR (Junior) (65 to 97 semester hours)
FOURTH YEAR (Senior) (98 to 120 semester hours)

Students with 5 hours less than the number required for a certain year, except those entering the fourth year, may be considered in that year for class organization purposes, etc.

SPECIAL STUDENTS ARE those NOT pursuing a prescribed course of study or working

AUDITING STUDENTS are those students who are permitted to sit in on classes but are not allowed to take part in class discussions, take examinations, or receive credit.

PART-TIME STUDENT – Students who are enrolled in less than twelve (12) semester hours in

SCHEDULE OF CLASSES-Class schedules is published each semester. Each class meets for a period of ninety (90) minutes. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Usually; a class meets as many times a week as the class carries hours. (See listed exceptions).

Students Records

A permanent record of every matriculated student is maintained in the office of the Registrar. This record shows all courses completed, hours attempted, hours of credit, grades earned, and similar data, along with other records on the student. Each student is entitled to examine his/ her record with the approval and aid of the Registrar. Official transcripts of student records will be mailed, upon the written request of the student, to other schools, agencies, employers, etc., and to former students and graduates. The first transcript is free. A fee of $5 is charged for each additional one. The fee is payable in advance.

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Attendance Requirements

A student is allowed as many absences without penalty in a course as the course has credit hours. The maximum number of properly excused absences a student may have in a course, without loss of grade points, in any given semester is two times the number of credit hours of the course. For each absence above the number allowed, one-half of grade points will be deducted from the student's total accumulation of grade points. Unexcused absences beyond the total credit hours of a course will be subject to this same grade point deduction. When the total number of absences equals four times the number of credit hours for a course, regardless of the reason, the student is automatically dropped from the course, and a failure is recorded.

Three tardinesses constitute one absence. If later than twenty minutes, the student will be considered Unexcused absence from any class the day immediately preceding or following a scheduled vacation and shall be penalized with a double absence.