School Song

“Oh, Western, Dear Western”

(Tune of “Flow Gently, Sweet Afton)

Words by W. R. Howell

Oh, Western, Dear Western, with faith firm and strong

With love true and fervent we praise thee in song;

Our voices, resounding in honor of thee,

Shall echo wherever thy children may be.

The sound of thy name sends a thrill to each heart.

Beloved for they goodness and service thou art;

Wher’er we may wander, o’er land or o’er sea,

We’ll ever be loyal, Dear Western, to thee.

Oh Western Dear Western, thou guide of our youth,

Support of the weak and evangel of truth;

thou giver of knowledge, thou teacher of right,

Thou lover of wisdom and bearer of light

Thou moulder of women, thou maker of men,

We’ll sing of thy glory again and again;

And ever with hand and with heart we will be,

Full ready and willing to labor for thee.

Oh Western, Dear Western, we come to thee now,

With garlands of honor to place on thy brow;

For love that has kept us by day and by night,

and guided us onward and upward for right

And he who attends to each suppliant’s prayer,

Will bless thee and keep thee with tenderest care;

And all thy children forever will be,

Inspired by mem’ry, Dear Western, of thee.