How to Apply

How to Apply for Admission

1. Download the PDF application, complete it and email it to the dean.

2. Complete the Online Enrollment

3. Visit the school and complete an Application form and Class Enrollment form.

Enrollment Application

Admission Policy

Western Baptist Bible College is an open school that allows admittance to all persons without the need to provide GPA, ACT and or SAT test scores. All persons who demonstrate the potential to perform college level work and meet the admission requirements will be accepted at Western.

For candidates for admission who desire to receive credit for previous work at other educational institutions, please see our Transfer Student Policy.

Western Baptist Bible College is primarily a religious studies institution and complies with the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) exemption requirement.

All applicants should complete an application and submit it to the registrar.

Transfer Students

A student who has previously attended other colleges or universities may enter Western as a transfer student after their transcript has been reviewed and examined by the dean of academics.

Depending on the school, classes taken and academic record, some or all of the credits earned may be accepted at Western Baptist Bible College.

To be eligible for acceptance at Western, persons should complete the Application for Admission and submit all transcripts to the registrar who then will forward them on to the dean’s office for review.